Low Back-Sensitive Practice

We have a guest in this class, lovely Crista (she is an amazing hair stylist and the owner of Xtophers Hair Saloon) who had a lower back sensitivity that day. So the entire class was designed to support her body and hopefully yours as well!

If you have been sitting long hours and looking for a practice to take care of your lower back while you’re still moving, this class is for you!

Let me know how it goes 🙂

The Ins and Outs

Welcome to another class of twists: spine mobility and back health!

In twists we work with the spine and the action of ‘lengthening’ is to create space between the vertebrae. When there’s a lack of space our spine tends to slump or get stuck and our energy levels drop. Through twisting SAFELY we lengthen the spine and get space between the bones. Then our energy can flow better.

Have at least one block ready. Breathe in hope, breathe out negativity…

Spring Class – Moving Outward

Happy spring everyone!

This class was recorded Live during my monthly Zoom classes for you!

Spring is the time for us to reach outward, develop deeper roots and remain flexible in the wind. In the body, that means paying attention to your spine, limbs and joints, as well as muscles, ligaments and tendons. You will complete the class supporting your liver and gallbladder in seated postures.

Lower Back Relief

This slow and sweet practice is designed to release tension in your tight lower back and hips. Grab your strap, bolster and get close to a wall space as there is a recommended modification to support your body by using the wall.

Slow & Strong Transitions

We mostly focus on our strength and ease in single postures. In yoga practice, the transitions are as important as the single posture itself. To be able to arrive from one place to another safely, we need to slow down, pay s strong attention and cultivate a deep focus.

Air Element – The Art of Loving

4th Element of the series is Air

In this class we continue our exploration of the five elements. Air element is the source of life: it is our breathe! Located in the heart or the fourth chakra. It’s name in Sanskrit is the Anahata chakra and has the color of vibrant green.  In this class, we will explore the ways to open our front body, elongating our torso as well as still remembering everything we learnt from the Earth, Water and Fire elements.

Natarajasana – Lord of the Dance Pose

An experience of a standing, balancing, back bending asana (posture) also known as the dance of Shiva ( The Hindu God who represents transformation).

The sequence is very purposeful from the very beginning towards this experience in Natarajasana. If you normally find standing balancing shapes quite challenging, please practice that portion of the class near a wall space so you can use one hand on the wall for an extra support.

Twisting Flow

Twisting in our practices is very detoxing and keeps our spines healthy!

I injured myself a few times getting quick in my twists and I’d like to encourage you not to do the same. This flow will allow you to understand that the “length” and “creating space” is necessary before you deepen your twists in your thoracic spine. Please play within your own sweet edge.

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana – Extended Head-to-Big Toe Pose

This practice is all about finding your balance on & off the mat! The sequence towards this pose will strengthen and stretch the legs and ankles. It deeply stretches the hamstrings (the back thigh muscles), while gently opening the hips, shoulders, and arms. This sequence challenges and improves your sense of balance, which in turn develops greater concentration and focus.